PurKarie: the cosmetic friend of your body!

Specially recognized for its moisturizing and repairing cosmetic properties, the Shea Butter is at the center of the articles offered by Warizi.

If this vegetable oil is widely used in Africa, where it comes from, for traditional cuisine, it is a key element in the manufacture of our cosmetic products. This thick ointment, which hydrates the skin, nourishes it and repairs it in depth is cultivated in ecological fields in Mali for the making of our articles. White gold, as it is commonly called in West Africa, is a formidable ally for relief from sore muscles by means of its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.  

When it comes to hair, shea butter moisturizes it while nourishing it when it is dry. At the same time, it limits hair breakage and repairs split ends. Whether during the hot seasons, to protect your skin weakened by sunburn or to make it shine; or during cold seasons to smooth cracks (including chapped lips), shea butter offers an undeniable advantage! Little secret: this natural product rich in vitamin F and fatty acids, lets fight against skin aging by reducing wrinkles while promoting cell renewal. Besides that, it basically keeps the youthfulness of your skin.

Abundant in virtues, yes, but how to use it? 

  • For the skin: We recommend applying it at night before sleeping. In case of muscle pain, especially after sports, you can take a small amount, rub between your hands and apply to the desired areas while massaging. As a supplement, it is an excellent ointment for massages.  
  • For the hair: We suggest using it as a hair mask twice a week: evenly apply to the hair an amount sufficient to cover your locks from root to tip, surround them with a heating cap for a few hours before rinsing . Enjoy adding it to your hair oil baths. 

What do we offer? 

We offer three types of shea butter: 

  • Raw 
  • Lemon Enriched 
  • Enriched with coconut

It is up to you to make your choice !

How to get it ? 

You can find the different variants of the Purkarie online at Warizi.ca

or contact us on our social networks instagram, Facebook or snapchat.

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