About us

Do you want to enhance your skin and hair with the resources that nature has to offer? 

If so, you've come to the right place!

Who are we ?

Growing since 2019, Warizi is a brand of products natural cosmetics, focused around Shea Butter. By the way, as an anecdote, this key component of our articles was introduced into the world of cosmetics for its protective, restorative, nourishing, and many other virtues that demonstrate its benefits. The shea that we use is cultivated in the ecological fields of Mali. Always with the aim of offering you the best possible experience, we make our products by hand, with the greatest care. If you are wondering if there is no artificial addition, don't worry! The formulas contain no petroleum compounds or artificial fragrances. With us, your beauty becomes natural!

So what are our goals? 

  • In a world that tends more and more towards the artificial, we advocate more than ever the development of a concept eco-nat. What is it exactly ? It's a return to nature and organic. In the long term, we seek to promote ecology by minimizing the environmental footprint. To achieve this, we strive to work in harmony with nature when selecting our ingredients. 
  • We seek to offer everyone the opportunity to access body and hair care products not only from high quality, but also affordable. In this regard, we are committed to developing them entirely from natural elements and in a traditional way. 
  • One of the goals of our brand is the promotion of fair trade with the intention of contributing to sustainable development by reforming the trading conditions of marginalized producers and workers.

So who is Warizi for?

Everyone is welcome ! No matter what type of skin or hair you have, you will feel right at home with us. If you are looking for effective hair and / or body care to finally hydrate, repair or enhance your skin, look no further, we have the ideal solution for you! Whether you are fond of natural products, that you find yourself in our values or that you simply do not know what you need for your care, turn to us and you will give us news! 

Of course, we know that every skin or strand of hair is different. Whether in terms of sensitivity, grip, firmness, color, etc., you are absolutely unique. For this reason, we offer you a variety of items that will suit your uniqueness.

Finally, if you've tried loads of exorbitantly priced items that only made your problems worse or left untouched, take a deep breath! Our company is not only concerned with your physical well-being, but also financial. Our prices are therefore suitable for all portfolios.

Visit our website warizi.ca where you can discover all our products and much more!